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For additional protection and peace

Roller shutters are today an integrated system with windows and doors, improve their performance and play a large role in insulation and energy efficiency.

They can be external and internal. External are installed on pre-assembled windows and internal are embedded in windows. Roller shutters can be operated with straps, pushrods or turrets, and there are also automated shutters powered by a motor.

Roller shutters have multiple functions. They protect rooms from external influences such as rain, wind, snow, hail. When the shutters are lowered, room heating is reduced in summer, while in winter they provide additional protection against the cold.

We offer aluminum and PVC shutters. All parts of ALU shutters are of aluminum. They are light-weight and durable, very easy to operate via a device using strap, mini-turret or remote-controlled electric motor. PVC shutters have plastic slats and the fittings can be of plastics, aluminum or iron. Due to the design solution, PVC shutters can be fitted with a roller screen in the shutter box for additional functionality.

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